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Tax Accounting, Super, Insurance, Mortgages, Retirement ... Your chores are our Hobby!
We have set ourselves a challenge to stand out from the norm and provide a service that is friendly, warm & professional. No automated tellers or long periods of listening to boring music; we are REAL people who will discuss your financial matters in REAL terms. Taxes and finances are no longer terrifying when you come to Kearneys. Don’t believe us? Why not read our testimonials and see for yourself?

Around since 1958, we are a small, caring boutique firm. It is like we’re part of the furniture here in Dee Why (Troy doesn’t look that old though!).

We want to make all this financial stuff less taxing on you; we see this as a hobby, while you probably see it as a chore! We may not be able to write you a poem or build you a house, however, we are not afraid to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and provide you with the best tailored advice around.

So, (we hear you ask) exactly what can we assist you with at Kearneys?
- Tax Accounting
- Super Funds
- Insurance
- Mortgages
- Retirement planning
- Tax Returns
- Business Activity Statements
- Investments
- Budgeting
- Loans and Leasing
- Registration of a Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN)
- Selling and/or buying shares
- ...& the list goes on & on & on!


Truth is folks, we can only guarantee 2 things in life; Death and Taxes. Now, whilst we simply cannot stop the first, we do believe that we can assist with the latter.
Save yourself the headache & the stress of trying to sort out your finances, taxes, mortgages & insurances, that’s what we were born to do & Troy loves doing it!

What now? Easy. Call Kearneys on 02 9971 5975 or email us, because we are ‘Specialists in helping you’!

  • Rates on Hold

    August 07, 2012

    The Reserve Bank of Australia has taken a “wait and see approach” to rates, leaving the official cash rate on hold for the second consecutive month.


    Earlier today, the Board decided it was prudent to leave the cash rate on hold at 3.5 per cent for another month to see what effe

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    Australians are Underinsured

    July 09, 2012

    95% of Australians are underinsured – Are you shocked? So are we!

    Most of us get Car Insurance in case of an accident, so why aren’t we insuring ourselves? How do we expect to pay the bills, put food on the table and continue to send the kids to school without an income?

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    Tax Return Checklist

    July 09, 2012

    It’s time to take back what’s yours!

    Tax Time does not have to be daunting, and you do not need to let all the numbers start spinning around in your head, because that is what we are here for!

    In order to make Tax Time a little less stressful for you, we have put toget

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    2012 Tax Cuts

    July 09, 2012

    A friendly reminder about the pay rise you would have received as of 1st July 2012.

    The Tax Cuts are part of the Government’s aim to help families through the introduction of the Carbon Tax.

    A combination of low income tax offsets and a new tax-free threshold of $18,200

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